We are looking for curious interdisciplinary researchers - if that's you, please contact us. Applicants who have recently graduated with a physics, chemistry, or physical engineering degree are strongly favoured.

Luv Srivastava

Cell Nuclear Option, 

Bona Fide Biologist


Biological and Biomedical Engineering

Pouria Tirgar

Dual Cure Wizard 

Ph.D. Candidate

Biological and Biomedical Engineering

Clayton Molter

Prostate Cancer Destroyer

Ph.D. Candidate

Biological and Biomedical Engineering

Cameron Hastie

Contractile Unit

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Physics

Alice Delarue

Cell Contractility inspector

Ph.D. Candidate


Hardik Singla

Composites composer

M.Sc. Student



Anna Clouvel

Yuanyuan Tao

Ajinkya Ghagre

Eliana Muszynski  

Michael Asseraf

Philippe Bergeron 

Ali Amini

Haruka Yoshie

Chris Sitaras

Babür Ayanlar

Sanaz Ebrahimi Samani

Hossein Khadivi Heris

Brenden Kadota

Sandrine Soeharjono

Andrea Saliba

Maxwell Furman

Alex Cai 

Cynthia Hitti

Amy Sutton

Newsha Koushki

Johanan Idicula

Yuanhuang Wang

Sebastian Bangel

Jesse Ehrlick

Carol Ierck Pereira

Sheelaz Meerza

Andrew Song

Mohammad Tabatabaei

Mason Zheng

Maryam Youssef

Alexander Becker

Xiaotian Ma

Adele Khavari

Ila Ghoshal

Christina Boghdady

Mohammad Attari

Shubham Barhate

Drew Hendricks

Jesse Islam

Divij Mehra

Ramla Rehman

Vivian Tse

Nadim Zaroubi

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