Biological and Active Materials Lab

Our lab studies the mechanics of biological materials and how these properties fail in disease. We also try to draw from biomechanics to design new biomimetic materials that capture some of the rich dynamics and active properties of biology.

We collaborate with fantastic people at McGill and beyond, and we are always looking for new great people to work with.

Mechanics of Disease

How do cell mechanics contribute to pathology? 

Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Can we understand biological mechanics using physics?


How do cells sense and respond to force?

Biomimetic Materials Science

Can we recreate the amazing mechanics of biology?

Group research discussion

Our research discussion meeting is held weekly, where members of the lab and occasionally visitors or collaborators may present work.

This meeting is open to members and invited guests. Please email to learn more.

Research seminar

The Biological and Biomedical Engineering Research Seminar is on Fridays 1:30 - 2:30 pm, and is typically held in-person in DUFF 507/509 and/or virtually via Zoom. Please check the seminar schedule for the most up-to-date information.

McGill University is located on land which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples. We honor, recognize, and respect these nations as the traditional stewards of the lands and waters on which we meet today. 

Dr. Allen Ehrlicher

Department of Bioengineering

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