Jesse Ehrlick

Master’s Candidate, Chemical Engineering (Thesis)

B.Sc. Anatomy & Cell Biology, Minor Management, McGill University

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Jesse is currently finishing his Master’s Thesis and will begin the Master’s in Management of Finance (MMF) program at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management in July 2016 - his goal is to finance the next big thing in biotech!

Jesse Ehrlick

Research Interests:

  • Molecular Cell Biology: How does biology operate at the nano-scale?
  • Mechanotransduction: How does biology measure physical cues - like pressure, or mechanical properties - like stiffness?
  • Mechanotransduction in Cancer: How does biology measure physics and mechanics in cancer? What changes? How can we apply this knowledge for novel cancer therapies?
  • Mechanotransduction in Stem Cells: How do stem cells measure physics and mechanics? How can we harness this knowledge to control stem cell differentiation - to regenerate human tissue, or to grow whole organs?


  • Genetic Engineering: Gene cloning, recombinant protein production, plasmid DNA purification, gene transfection
  • Bio-Substrate Engineering: Silicone elastomer substrates, controllable substrate mechanics, bio-functionalization
  • Microscopy: Time-lapse imaging, quantitative fluorescence microscopy
  • Quantitative Image Analysis: MATLAB, image segmentation

Jesse's Projects:

Mechanotransduction in the Hippo Signalling Network


Jesse’s research is funded in large part by the Pierre Arbour Foundation